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The Digital Map Ltd. is a spin-off, consulting firm offering services in edge-cutting areas.

It focus on computer solutions to real problems. Our portfolio evolves with time, including new examples illustrating the challenges faced by industry and society.
  • Its main activity area deals with Geographic Data. Our flagship product is MapSN®, a service for Intellectual Right Protection offered worldwide, but we also offer other services as well for the same data.
  • Regarding application software, we developed EasyDEM®, a CAD-like package devoted to handle Digital Elevation Models. Unlike other packages, this is unique in the sense that it can be rented on a daily basis. Check the site for more information.
  • We have also developed SIRENA®, an advertising auditing tool which produces a detailed list of "when have appeared what" in radio and TV broadcasts. See here for details.

Thank you for your time and interest in The Digital Map Ltd.!

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