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  • Mar. 2006: Dr. López offered a talk regarding Protocols for Watermarking Piracy Control at the Military Geographic Service (in spanish) in Montevideo, Uruguay. The material is available here
  • Nov. 2005: Dr. López attended a workshop about the Spanish Spatial Data Infrastructure in Madrid, Spain, talking about Business Models and the SDI
  • Nov. 2004: Dr. López attended the VIII Congreso Nacional de Topografía y Cartografía at Madrid, talking about about piracy protocols using watermarking
  • Jan. 2004: We are happy to announce that we have signed an agreement with Ydreams, a Portugal based company, for the distribution to the region of Undercover, a mobile telephone based game.
  • Dec. 2003: A first beta version of EasyDEM® is released
  • Nov. 2003: We signed the contract with the Servicio Geografico Militar (Uruguayan Geographic Military Service, the National Mapping Agency of Uruguay) in order to provide MapSN.
    Col. Artigas Bacci and  Dr. Ing. Carlos López
    To the left, the image shows the moment when Col. Artigas Bacci, Head of the Servicio Geografico Militar, signs the document while with Dr. Carlos López, head of The Digital Map Ltd.
  • Aug. 2003: Dr. Carlos López makes a presentation at the Chilean Military Geographic Institute (Instituto Geográfico Militar de Chile) describing in general the technology of copyright protection by watermarking, and in particular, MapSN.
  • Jul. 2003: Dr. Carlos López attended the Cambridge Conference 2003 and presented a paper about the tests performed to MapSN by the Uruguayan Military Geographic Service. A copy of the presentation is available here.
  • Dec. 2002: The Committee at Programa de Desarrollo Tecnológico approves the project "A Service for the Watermarking of Digital Maps" presented by TDM.
  • May. 2002: The Advisory Committe at INGENIO approves the project "A Service for the Watermarking of Digital Maps" presented by TDM.

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