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Download from this page the WEB version of EasyDEM®

EasyDEM WEB is the entry version for the EasyDEM family. Once installed, it allows you to download points from the total station, display the DEM in 3D plus rotating it plus illuminating it, etc. as well as exporting the result as DXF or image when possible.
EasyDEM WEB should be registered for each physical machine where you want to test/use it. In order to do so, please send to TheDigitalMap the EasyDEM.txt file created once the program is executed. Such registration is completely FREE, and is required only once.
Some other functions described in the manual and the online help are only available through a prepaid mode, operating through Internet. Please, contact the official dealer in order to gather a OneDayLicence, which will entitle you to use the full version of the program for 24 hours.

  • Search below and install the parts you need to either install or update the software if you have it already installed.
  • Check here for the step-by-step procedure for installing the software for the first time.
  • If you prefer to generate an image of the installation CD, select here (self-extracting, ~18Mb) a mandatory file and then if you want to you can download also an optional file with the local help ,(self-extracting, ~14Mb). Both should be copied to an auxiliary directory (to be denoted [CD] hereinafter) and executed there. The contents of such directory will be equivalent to the ones available in the distribution CD

Latest binary and version of EasyDEM

Version 1.55 (20060407) (See version history)
Handbook in pdf format Online help in HTML format Notice: If you wish so, the help can be accessed directly from the Internet

Auxiliar libraries (change from time to time): Base libraries (to be installed only once for any version of EasyDEM)

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